The council is made up of ten Councillors who are representatives from across the three wards of Portskewett, Sudbrook and Leechpool.


Political Affiliation Tel No Address


Employment Status Position on Council How became a Councillor Ward Membership of working groups

Peter Fox

Conservative 01291 422541  

25 Leechpool Holdings, Leechpool

Employed County Councillor Elected

 Carol Carne

Conservative 07949210093  

29A Main Road, Portskewett

Retired Chair Elected Portskewett Cluster Group & MCC Dog Fouling Group

Lisa Dymock

Conservative 07766702883  

5 Arthur’s Court, Gray Hill View, Portskewett

Employed Vice Chair Co-opted Portskewett

Stephen Essery

Conservative 01291 430951  

21 Monument Close, Portskewett

Employed Councillor Elected Portskewett One Voice Wales

Tim Fawcitt

Conservative 01291 420818  

25 Main Road, Portskewett

Self Employed Councillor Elected Portskewett Audit Committee

 Tony Griffiths

Conservative 01291 420397  

9 Manor Way, Portskewett

Retired Councillor Elected Portskewett

Peter Nurcombe

Conservative 01291 422685 4 Station Road,


Retired Councillor Elected Portskewett Portskewett & Sudbrook Recreation Hall Committee

David Richards


24 Sunnycroft, Portskewett

Employed Councillor Co-opted Portskewett

Colin Archer


Cliff House Sudbrook

Employed Councillor Co-opted Sudbrook

Graham Parker

Conservative 01291 422501  

Southbrook Cottage, Sudbrook

Employed Councillor Elected Sudbrook


Ian Standing

Conservative 01291 424327  

24 Leechpool Holdings, Leechpool

Retired Councillor Elected Leechpool Audit Committee