Dog fouling remains one of the main causes of concern for residents of Portskewett and Sudbrook.



The community council is a member of the “Give Dog Fouling the Red Card” scheme, which operates throughout Monmouthshire. Signs promoting the scheme are located in both villages to remind dog owners of their responsibilities. And there are reminders on many of the lamp posts too.

The scheme has two levels of reporting offences:

The YELLOW CARD allows you to report an offence without providing a witness statement. The information you provide will be considered by the community council and where appropriate they will remind the dog owner of their responsibilities to pick up the dog mess.

The RED CARD is available if you are happy to provide a witness statement. The information will be considered by Monmouthshire County Council’s environmental health department, who in the first instance will contact you to discuss what you saw before deciding on appropriate action. A witness statement can be used as the basis for a fixed penalty notice being issued to the dog owner if the officer considers there to be sufficient evidence.

Where there is sufficient evidence, the offender will be given a fixed penalty notice which is a fine of £75 . Failure to pay will result in Monmouthshire County Council prosecuting the offender in the Magistrates court


The community council provides dog poo bags, for use by dog owners who may find themselves without one. These can be found in both villages at various locations which are regularly used by dog walkers, Please make sure you dispose of your dog waste responsibly. You can put it in any public litter bin, or take it home and put it in your black bag for the household refuse collection.

Refillable Doggy Bag holders provided by Portskewett Council are available from Portskewett Pharmacy.

Dog Fouling


The Community Council are seeking volunteers to help promote dog fouling awareness in order to reduce and hopefully eradicate the problem.

Each volunteer will be allocated an area, and would be asked to walk that area regularly, talking to dog owners they meet, handing out dog poo bags and leaflets, promoting the “Give Dog Fouling the Red Card Scheme” and reminding dog owners of the dog fouling legislation. Volunteers would also be asked to take part in the Dog Fouling Awareness days which are held from time to time.

If you are interested in helping to clean up your community please contact

The Clerk (Mrs Beverley Young)

By telephone: 01291430818

or email: